Instead of growing spring produce this season, we’re going to be building a packing shed/walk-in-cooler so that we can grow more produce for you!  If you’d like to purchase a fall share, please visit our storefront.


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Spring Produce List

BeetsEnjoy the Red Ace and Early Wonder Tall Top varieties. After these tender and sweet beets you'll never go back to canned beets, ever.
We offer the sweet and crunchy Napoli, Miami, and Bangor varieties, all perfect for eating fresh, throwing in a stir-fry, or juicing.
ChardThe Bright Lights variety brings a splash of color to your meal! The greens are mild and can be used in a variety of dishes, but my favorite is Sweet and Sour Swiss Chard--yum!
Greens, Asian and MustardDo you like a little spice in your salad or stir-fry? Try one of our Asian greens--Vitamin Green, Tat Soi, or Shangai Green Pac Choy--or dig into the Garnet Giant Mustard.
Greens, Baby Salad MixWe believe a salad shouldn't have to be cut with a knife, so we harvest this Yankee Lettuce Blend when the greens are small and tender.
Greens, Hotshot Spicy Salad MixA few of our Fall CSA customers asked for a step up in the heat, and we think this spicy salad mix will do the trick!
Head LettuceWe offer the red Rhazes variety and the soft, luscious Buttercrunch variety.
KaleThis versatile and nutrient-packed green works fresh in a salad, tossed into a potato-sausage soup, baked as kale chips, and much more! (Dwarf Siberia and Red Russian)
SpinachSpinach is our most popular green, both for its delicious flavor and its versatility in the kitchen. (Butterflay, Verdil, and Bloomsdale varieties)
RadishesRadishes are the perfect topping for a salad or stir-fry, and they're also a refreshing snack all on their own. The Valentine's Day mix includes red, purple, pink, and white radishes