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Support your local farmer

Meet Dan Perkins, the guy who does the growing at Perkins’ Good Earth Farm. Dan, commonly known as the “Cover Crop Guy”, is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and has 22+ years of organic growing experience. In short, Dan dreams about soil and veggies and cares deeply about soil health and growing the best veggies possible for YOU!

Julie facilitates the fabulous community of our CSA and manages our farm store and farm kitchen! Before having children, she taught high school English. Now she raises vegetables and four kiddos, cooks recipes new and old with farm-fresh produce, and teaches CSA success skills.

By purchasing your veggies as close to home as possible, you support our local economy AND you get the opportunity to see up-close-and-personal where and how your food is grown.

Dan and Julie Perkins



We invest in our soil and post-harvest handling. This means you receive organic, nutritious, safe, super-long-lasting veggies that taste amazing AND make you feel great!



Ever feel alone in this eating-well thing? When you become a farm member, you connect with other veggie lovers who support each other both in-person and online.



Cooking with our veggies can be as simple as tossing together a quick salad or as adventurous as breaking out that complicated new recipe you found online. We give you the veggie variety and guidance to cook the way you want to.

How CSA Works - Your Veggie Adventure Awaits

It starts with a commitment

You commit to support your farmer by paying ahead of time for your CSA share. We commit by growing your veggies in healthy, rich soil with Certified Organic practices that care for the earth and people.

It starts with commitment
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From our fields

We harvest a variety of our best produce from our fields for your family.

From our Fields
Home Grown

To You

Each week, you come to the farm and fill your box with clean, fresh, tasty produce as you walk the distribution line. You can grab your veggies and go or stay and chat with fellow veggie lovers.

To You
Veggies in Crate

To your kitchen

You get to cook with fresh-as-can-be-can't-find-in-the-grocery-store produce! Need support? Learn to cook from your farmer's online tutorials and our incredible farm community.

To your kitchen
Veggies in Pot


"Perkins' Good Earth Farm is a fantastic place to get affordable organic vegetables for your healthy eating lifestyle."

-Testimony from Summer 2023 CSA

Bultema Testimony Photo

"My husband and I are new to CSA, and we really like trying new recipes and greens you don't typically see at the local grocery store. CSA helped us focus more on eating healthier because we had all these veggies in the fridge to eat before we'd get another round. I learned that veggies can be made tasty and started to look forward to eating them more often at mealtimes."

- Kirsten and Troy Bultema, Summer 2022

Tillema testimony

Our family joined Perkins' CSA over 2 years ago, and since then we have been blessed by their farm and family in many ways. Along with providing fresh, nutritious, delicious veggies that are bursting with flavor and locally sourced, they have also educated us how to properly store fresh veggies, and share many recipes with us via their weekly emails.  Our kids love snacking on the new fresh items each week, and our kitchen waste has nearly been eliminated, because I've learned to cook in season. We love shopping at the Farm Stand as well.  I top off all of my weekly essentials here first, and truly haven't purchased veggies from the grocery store in months. What an incredible blessing it is to be a part of this genuine community of like minded people, who have such a heart for nurturing the land, while growing invaluable food.
-Kelsey and Josh Smith, Oct 2023
Lynette Aune Testimony 2023

“Since joining Perkins CSA a few months ago, I have lost more than 35 lbs. The Perkins family saved my life, literally, and I thank God everyday for my blessings. I walk their trails daily and pick my beautiful flowers from the earth. I hope for nothing but success and longevity for their family farm."

-Lynette Henderson, Oct 2023

CSA Share Options

Perkins Good Earth Farm

Our Farming Practices

We practice regenerative, bio-intensive farming practices that preserve and improve our local land and community.

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Farm Kitchen

We make nourishing grab-and-go soups, salads, jams and more with farm-fresh produce, as well as gluten-free baked goods for our farm store and local coffee shop, Cup of Joy!