We love growing veggies–and we love when YOU love to eat your veggies! These tips will help you enjoy all those delicious veggies that will be in your CSA share each week.

  1. Know what’s coming in your share. Every Thursday, I will let you know what’s going to be in next week’s CSA share. I’ll email you the list and post it in our CSA Facebook group, so keep an eye out for this info!
  2. Transport your veggies with love and care. Bring your own box, bag, or (even better!) insulated cooler to transport your veggies from our farm to your home. This not only provides a secure place for veggie transportation but also helps all of us reduce single-use plastic use/waste.
  3. Properly store your produce as soon as possible. I’ll share tips for how to store each and every veggie in your share, so (again) watch for this info in your email and in our CSA Facebook group!
  4. Keep track of your fridge inventory. Use a whiteboard or this tool to list what’s in your fridge. This way your yummy veggies don’t get “lost” in your fridge.
  5. Meal plan. When I first started cooking, I planned our meals a month in advance, and I was pretty rigid about sticking to it. Now I plan around whatever looks best at the farm! For you, I encourage you to plan around the veggies in your CSA share. I–along with other farm members–post recipes in the CSA Facebook group, and you can find recipes right here in this farm blog.
  6. Engage in our CSA community. Our farm members have so much knowledge and experience cooking with veggies, and they love to share their ideas! This can happen in person at CSA distribution and in our CSA Facebook group.We want to hear your ideas too!

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