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Pancake Party Pics!

This past Saturday we had the privilege of hosting a celebratory Pancake Party here at the farm, our way of saying thank you to those who voted for us and helped us win the Dannon Everyday Chef Better With Yogurt Contest this past winter.

Despite a few electrical glitches, we got all the griddles going, our volunteer pancake flippers flipping, and hungry people eating pancakes (and bacon!).  While the plenitude of children tromped through the woods and played in the sandbox between bites, the adults chatted it up and learned a little more about operations during the farm tours. 

One friend said of the morning, “This reminds me of the old days–families just hanging out, spending time together.”  Yes, the old days made new with good people and good food.


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Goodbye to Winter

Such is the name of the piano song my 6-year-old Harper just finished playing, and he couldn’t have done so at a better time.  Goodbye, Winter!  Hello, Spring!  And hello to all these gorgeous little babies growing in the hoop house.

  IMG_3753 IMG_3737 IMG_3745

Yet, growing up in the Midwest, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the wintertime, especially when working on a vegetable farm.  When daylight drops below 10 hours, and the temperature plummets into the negatives, we take a break from growing and harvesting and instead reflect on the past season and plan for the future.

So as the snow fell and the gray skies took over, Dan and I thought about how we could make Perkins’ Good Earth Farm better.  We read books—Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison, Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shephard–listened to podcasts like those in Chris Blanchard’s Farmer to Farmer series, rethought what it means to host a Community Supported Agriculture, and discussed biochar and agricultural practices with other farmers.  We dreamed, drew up plans, crunched numbers, and dreamed some more.

And, thanks to many of your votes for my recipe in the Dannon Everyday Chefs Better With Yogurt contest, we’re going to be turning a few of these dreams into a reality!  Our first big project will be winterizing the milkhouse.  (This past fall, the temperatures dropped below freezing just as the Fall CSA ended, which was cutting it a little too close for comfort as refrigerators do a great job keeping greens cool but not so great at keeping them “warm”, aka unfrozen!)  We’ll also be purchasing several tools and tractor implements that will make planting and harvesting more efficient.  

But for now, the big news is that spring sales are about to begin! Starting next week on April 23, we’ll be selling produce through weekly online sales, with sales opening on Thursdays at 5 pm and closing on Fridays at 5 pm.  Pick-up will be Monday from 3-6 here at the farm, or in Rensselaer from 11-2, depending on your preference.  Click here to check out our spring produce.  We’re so looking forward to seeing you all again!


Support our Farm – Please Vote!

This fall Anne Kingma and I launched this farm blog to provide our CSA members with healthy, wholesome, and delicious recipes that made use of the weekly produce share.  During this process, I received an email from the Dannon Everyday Chefs Contest asking for recipe entries that used yogurt as a primary ingredient.

I entered my Gluten-Free Oatmeal Pancake recipe, along with one of Anne’s lovely photographs of the pancakes.  The day before Thanksgiving I received a phone call that our entry was one of 10 finalists in the contest!  Two of the ten finalists will win $25,000, and finalists are decided by public voting.  As you can imagine, this money would really help support our farm and farm blog!  

You can support us by voting here once per day from now through December 31.  Thank you for supporting Perkins’ Good Earth Farm!


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