Organic Consulting Services

Dan-Consulting PhotoEver wonder what pest, disease or soil fertility issue is causing problems in your garden or farm?  Need help interpreting your soil test results?  Need assistance designing your garden and planning your personal food supply?

We can assist you.


Cover CropsDan, the "Cover Crop Guy," works with both organic and conventional production. See his YouTube channel at JCSWCD.
Crop DiagnosticsPlant health, disease, weed, and pest identification and organic recommendation control strategy
High Tunnel ProductionStructure selection, irrigation setup and timing, fertility management, crop planning
Soil/Compost FertilityCustomized soil sampling, organic amendment recommendation and sourcing, composting techniques and recommendations
Tools/SuppliesSmall-scale tool selection and advising to accomplish your goals
Workshops/Speaking EngagementsHave an event/group interested in a specific farming topic? We communicate and educate on all things farming.