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Kitchen Tips

Leeks: Storage and Eating Tips

  As we approach the end of our Fall CSA, we get the pleasure of meeting one of our late-season vegetables–the lovely leek, member of the Allium (onion) genus. With a more delicate, subtle flavor, leeks can replace onions in some dishes, but do require a more gentle cooking method. With a lower sugar content,…

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Caraflex Cabbage

This week our CSA members will receive Caraflex cabbage in their shares. Also known as “conehead” or “arrowhead” cabbage because of its shape, Caraflex has thin, sweet leaves, making it ideal for eating raw (like in coleslaw or for wraps). Caraflex also works well in quick-cooking dishes like stir-fry. Store Caraflex the same way you…

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Lunchbox Challenge: 12 Days to Packing a Better Lunch

Anyone else struggling with the daily lunch-making process??? Maybe you eat the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY and you’re ready for some fun with your food? Or maybe your lunch leaves you lethargic, and you want energy for your afternoon? Or maybe you’re tired of your kiddos complaining about their lunch, and you want to…

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Sweet Turnips–Tips for Storage and Fresh Eating

This week our CSA members are receiving hakurei turnips, a Japanese salad turnip that’s so sweet and crisp it can be eaten raw. In fact, when we did a little sampling of these turnips during our Spring CSA, a farm member familiar with these delicious little orbs bit right into hers in the CSA distribution…

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How to Store Peppers–Fresh or Frozen

During our Summer CSA, our farm members receive all kinds of peppers: green and yellow and red bell peppers, lunchbox peppers, mild child peppers, and hot peppers. How to store all this pepper goodness? If you’re planning to use your peppers within a week or so, place them in a sealed plastic bag and keep…

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How to Store Tomatoes for Freshness and Flavor

At lunch today, Dan and I enjoyed slices of a ripe Marnero tomato. Perfection. This heirloom tomato–pictured ripe above–will be sold at our farm this summer, and we want to make sure our CSA members and farm stand customers know how to store these beauties so they can get the same flavor experience we had…

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Garlic Scapes: Storage and Cooking Tips

Garlic harvest is coming soon to the farm! How do we know this? Our hardneck garlic plants are sending up their flower stalks, known as garlic scapes. In order to encourage the garlic plant to put all its energy into growing an amazing garlic bulb instead of its flower, we remove the scapes from the…

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How to Store Beets and Beet Greens

There are many things to love about root veggies, and here’s one of my favorites: roots with their greens is like a two-for-one deal! That’s right, beet greens are edible and delicious and oh-so-good for you. To make sure you get in on all this goodness, however, you need to store them properly. Beets should…

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Orzo with Spinach and Garlic

 Trisha and Ryan Belstra have been farm members since our very first season back in 2010, back when we offered a summer CSA, which happened to be the summer Trisha and I were both pregnant with our second child.  Six years later, the Belstra’s are still farm members and our babies are no longer babies…

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