Our CSA Program

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is our way to give you a weekly veggie adventure within a community of fellow veggie lovers. We provide you with the veggies you NEED and LOVE!

What does that really mean though?

Watch this video and let farm members Jeremy and Stacey Van Kley tell you about their experience with our CSA.

Want a Veggie Adventure?

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Three Seasons of Weekly Produce

Spring CSA: May 6-June 20, 2019 (7 weeks)

Summer CSA: July 1-September 16, 2019 (13 weeks)

Fall CSA: October 7-November 21, 2019 (7 weeks)







The Thinking Behind CSA

A CSA is partnership between a farm and a community of members who choose to share the risks and enjoy the rewards of the farm.

Here’s how it works. You purchase a “share” of crops, and we provide you with fresh, naturally grown produce.  Because you’re sharing the risks and rewards, you get to experience the ups and downs of the season just like we do.  For instance, one fall we might have a bumper crop of spinach but a poor showing of radishes, so you get lots of spinach and not so many radishes.  The next season, carrots may steal the show while baby salad greens do so-so, so you get lots of carrots and an average amount of salad greens.  Rewards of being a farm member also include access to pick-your-own items and enjoying the beauty of the farm.

You’re also part of a community made up of your neighbors and fellow townspeople, all who come from different life situations.  We want our produce to be accessible to all, so we use a sliding scale for payment, which you can find out more about in our storefront.  (Click here for why we’re using a sliding scale.) If the cost of the share is still a barrier, contact us about the option of working off part of your share here at the farm.