USDA Certified Organic Seed Garlic


Get your organic, high-quality SEED GARLIC from Perkins’ Good Earth Farm!

For information on planting, harvesting, and caring for your seed garlic, click here.

Our Certified Organic Hardneck Seed Garlic is graded at over 1.75” diameter and selected for seed quality during harvest. We test our garlic at Purdue University’s Diagnostic Lab to ensure your seed garlic is disease free.

New this year! Our first softneck garlic: Idaho Silver–SOLD OUT.

Each clove you plant is a genetic clone to the parent–so if you plant larger garlic cloves in the fall, you get larger garlic bulbs in the spring.

Available in German White, Idaho Silver–SOLD OUT, Music, and Ukraine. 1 pound = approximately 8-9 bulbs. USDA Certified Organic.

Shipping available in US. Seed garlic will ship late September/early October, or you can pick up at our farm beginning Sept 19.

Shipping prices: 1-4# – $16.25 | 5-9# – $22 | 10-20# – $44 | over 21# – Please request shipping quote.