How to Store Caraflex Cabbage

Caraflex cabbage at Perkins' Good Earth Farm

This week our CSA members will receive Caraflex cabbage in their shares. Also known as “conehead” or “arrowhead” cabbage because of its shape, it has thin, sweet leaves, making it ideal for eating raw (like in coleslaw or for wraps). Caraflex also works well in quick-cooking dishes like stir-fry. Store Caraflex the same way you…

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White Chili with Leeks, Fall Roots, and Kale

Leeks are a new item in the share this fall, and one of those lovely, sort-of-strange-looking fall veggies that you may or may not find in the grocery store on a given day.  A member of the Allium genus, leeks often play a role similar to that of the onion, but offer a more subtle flavor…

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