Blueberry Pecan Salad

blueberry pecan salad

This Blueberry Pecan Salad is inspired by my all-time favorite fruit season: blueberry season, of course! Growing up in DeMotte, Indiana, my first very job was picking blueberries, and I still LOVE picking–and especially eating–blueberries! We don’t grow blueberries at Perkins’ Good Earth Farm, but we do source them locally both for cooking in our…

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Apple Harvest Salad

apple harvest salad

As I introduce our new Apple Harvest Salad, I have to ask–Are you a kale lover or a kale skeptic? I tend to be a bit of both. Why? Because I only enjoy kale when it’s easy to eat! Sometimes the tough leaves and thick stems of full-size kale rule it out as a good…

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Rutabaga Cheddar Soup with Crispy Bacon

rutabaga cheddar soup with crispy bacon

I created this recipe for Rutabaga Cheddar Soup with Crispy Bacon out of a common “problem” when it comes to CSA farming: an unexpected surplus of a vegetable. In this case, that veggie was–you guessed it–rutabagas!  This winter was our first time growing rutabagas, and we discovered they grew really well here. So we ate…

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