Grilled Patty Pan Pizzas

grilled patty pan pizzas

I tried something new for our Friday night pizza tradition last night: grilled patty pan pizzas.  After Dan presented me with these strange little orbs as an item in next week’s CSA share, I knew I had to do some research. If I’d never seen one of these before, wouldn’t the same be true for…

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Garlic Scapes: Storage and Cooking Tips

hardneck garlic scape in field

Garlic harvest is coming soon to the farm! How do we know this? Our hardneck garlic plants are sending up their flower stalks, known as garlic scapes. In order to encourage the garlic plant to put all its energy into growing an amazing garlic bulb instead of its flower, we remove the scapes from the…

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Poor Man’s Pesto

In honor of this year’s garlic harvest (over 3,800 bulbs!), I’d like to share one of the Perkins’ household favorite garlic-infused recipes.  Pesto is one of our summertime last-minute go-to meals, a dish that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, perfect for those days when we get so caught up working outside that…

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