Spring Stir Fry

spring stir fry plated

The first time I made this spring stir fry for my family, I had “back-ups” on the table for our youngest three (9 years-old and two 5-year-olds). Much to my surprise, I didn’t need bread or cheese to coax them into this stir fry. It probably helped that I made the sambal optional, simply adding…

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Sweet Turnips–Tips for Storage and Fresh Eating

Hakurei Sweet Turnips

This week our CSA members are receiving hakurei turnips, a Japanese salad turnip that’s so sweet and crisp it can be eaten raw. In fact, when we did a little sampling of these turnips during our Spring CSA, a farm member familiar with these delicious little orbs bit right into hers in the CSA distribution…

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How to Make a Buddha Bowl

Several years ago, my in-laws Dana and Joan encountered significant health issues.  Joan was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, while Dana continued to struggle with high cholesterol even though he was taking statins and eliminating most fats from his diet.  Instead of diving into even more medication, they decided to make a serious diet change–by going vegan.  They signed…

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Spinach Bites

  I encountered spinach bites for the first time a couple weeks ago at my foster’s son birthday party, when guest Sarah Oudman brought them as a side dish to share.  They were so good, I asked Sarah to make them again for my son Asher’s birthday party a week later. One great thing about…

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