Terms & Conditions

Below you will find our terms and conditions for joining our CSA. Please read through this document in its entirety to be sure you understand how our CSA works. 

I agree to the following terms and conditions of Perkins’ Good Earth Farm:

1. I agree to pay 50% of the balance immediately, and the full amount before the start date of the CSA, unless other arrangements are made with the farmers.

2. I understand that I am committing to the pick-up (distribution) time/date/location that I choose when I sign up. If I fail to pick up my produce within the window and from the place that I chose at sign-up, my box will likely be donated that day. If something comes up that prevents me from picking up my box, I will make arrangements with a friend or family member to pick it up for me. 

3. I understand that during the first couple weeks of the season, I should expect less produce, with this balancing out as the CSA goes on. This is due to the fact that there are fewer types of produce that can grow in the early season. For Winter CSA, I should expect more produce at the beginning and less as the Winter CSA goes on.

4. As a member, I share in the abundance of our harvest, as well as in the risks that come with farming. When joining this CSA, I agree to accept the fact that with natural systems, there can never be guarantees, and I agree to accept the consequences that come with taking this risk. In the case of a failing or damaged crop, I understand that the farmers will do their best to replace that crop with other quality vegetables from our farm that are ready for harvest at that time.

5. If I am for any reason dissatisfied with my CSA membership this year, or it is not what I expected, I will communicate that to my farmers, so they can try to address it.  If I am still not satisfied after communicating with my farmers, Perkins’ Good Earth Farm will arrange a refund on a pro-rated basis if deemed necessary.

6. I understand my email address will be the primary way the farm will communicate with me on a weekly basis during the season.  It is my responsibility to read these emails if I want to stay informed of what is happening on the farm.

7. I understand that the contents of the CSA Vegetable Share are all USDA Certified Organic, with the exception of items as noted, which may be locally sourced from farms using conventional methods.