Just like with our retail customers, we want to provide you with the veggies you NEED and LOVE!

That means we customize our growing for your needs.

What does that customization look like? For one of our current wholesale customers, we grow bulk unwashed spinach. For another, we grow supplemental produce for their farmer’s market and CSA. For another, we grow specific vegetables for specific culinary dishes. We grow everything with organic growing methods and are Certified Naturally Grown. Click here to see our farm's profile and view our inspection reports.

Frozen Garden

We are so happy to have found Perkins’ Good Earth Farm to help supply local spinach for our ready-to-blend green smoothies. We had such a hard time finding a local farmer that could keep up with the amount of spinach we needed. Not only do they grow a large amount of spinach for us, but the spinach they grow is the highest quality and DELICIOUS--such a drastic difference from commercially grown spinach and what Perkins delivers to us. Dan is great at communicating the schedule and amounts we can expect each week. He has worked with us to grow alongside with our company's growth. For this coming year, we are looking forward to sourcing more of our ingredients from Perkins and continuing to expand our spinach crop.”

- Allyson Straka, Chief Smoothie Officer at The Frozen Garden

Because of our commitment to staying as local as possible, we currently deliver only to businesses within a 40 mile radius.

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