Can I Still Shop at Perkins in the winter? YES!

Even though it's cold here in Indiana, we can still grow greens all winter long in our high tunnels. Did you know spinach can freeze solid--and not only be good to eat but also super sweet too! As long we protect cold-season crops from extreme temperatures and wind chill, they can survive and thrive in the winter. This means that even in the winter, we can still provide you with the veggies you NEED and LOVE!

Winter Pop-Up Hours

During the winter months, we don't have our regular business hours and instead have what we call Winter Pop-Ups.

We open our store during the same hours we have our Winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and we sell any extra produce we have, along with produce from other farmers and delicious food from our farm kitchen. 

Pop-Up Hours: Mondays 2-6 | Thursdays 9-10:30 | Saturdays 9--noon on these weeks:

Christmas Pop-Ups: Dec 11, 14, 16

Winter Pop-Up #1: Jan 8, 11, 13

Winter Pop-Up #2: Jan 22,  25, 27

Winter Pop-Up #3: Feb 5, 8, 10

Winter Pop-Up #4: Feb 19, 22, 24

Final Winter Pop-Up: March 4, 7, 9

Spring Opening Date: Monday, April 15

You can come in and shop in person or pre-order online to ensure you get the veggies you want! 

We recommend pre-ordering especially if you're hoping to get salad greens or spinach as those usually sell out quickly. 


cabbage, purple
broccoli cheddar soup
crated raw carrots